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At Neuro Movement Integration, we provide a manual therapy process that was systematically developed to help our clients.  Our goal is to provide a rehabilitation process, including education so that you can maintain long lasting results and live a pain free life. 

Free Consultation and Evaluation

In today's busy medical world it can be common place for your healthcare provider to rush through preliminary consultations.  Our primary goal at NMI is to help you reach and exceed your health goals.  We want you to break free from pain and dysfunction.  This all starts by sitting down with you one on one and going through a comprehensive consultation process.  During this process, you and your therapist will go through your health history.  This process will connect the dots of the pain in your life so you can heal and live the life you have always dreamed.

The Structural Integration 10 Series

The 10 series of Structural Integration offers the client an opportunity to explore and reconnect each region of the body in a focused way. As the SI practitioner and client work together through each session they systematically work every area of the body helping the brain and connective tissue get reacquainted.

Athlete's Corner

Athletes bodies are in a constant state of change as they are transitioning from in session to out of session phases as well as to pre, mid, and playoff/championship phases. Whether you are a weekend warrior or an elite level athlete, Structural Integration can offer you that necessary edge or tool needed to help you accomplish your goals and surpass your competition.

Locations in Pensacola and Navarre

Convenient locations in both Pensacola and Navarre .  

Pensacola: Inside Pilates Core Training  1301B Dunmire St Pensacola, FL  32503

Navarre:  Inside Ageless Solutions  8990 Ortega Park Dr.  Navarre, FL  32566

About NRT

NRT is Structural Integration for the 21st century. Utilizing the core principles of Structural Integration, created by Dr. Ida P Rolf, but updated with current pain science, fascial and neurological research, NRT is a system of working with the human body that is unparalleled in helping clients meet their health goals. These benefits are a direct result of the client and therapist creating a system that focuses on client education and self-care tools to manage issues as they happen.

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